Panasonic ES8077S Shaver: The very best Shaver For Men On The Go!

Have you been searching for the best shaver that will not let you down? Then look no further since I've. Allow me to share along with you the very best shaver I actually had: the Panasonic ES8077S Vortex Linear Pivot Shaver with Hydraclean System. In this post, you are going to see the functions on the shave, and the personal factors of mine why I pick it over my old shaver.
To begin with, I love the pivot action mind which may be modified which follows the contours of the face of yours. Furthermore, the linear motor spins at 13,000 revolutions per second, the strength you specifically have to cut through actually the toughest or thickest beards.
Then, the Hydraclean Hygienic Cleaning System is renowned. It is able to instantly clean, dry and renew the Vortex immediately after use. What is more often, there's the expression, "Turbo Cleaning Mode", that is usually easily utilized in case you have to get up for work. It is able to clear your shaver quickly by changing the revolution velocity from 13,000 to 17,000. The very fast revolving blades are going to rush drinking water through the razor, moving out other debris and hair.
Lastly, the Wet/Dry Technology comes in handy. You are able to shave after shower or even while you are at the shower. This's extremely relevant to me, since I am a guy who's constantly in a hurry!
Today, what's the difference between my new and old shaver? Very well, apart from the specific features stated above, the Vortex is much more exact and correct which provides maximum comfort and pleasure for a neat, close shave. The charging time is quicker compared to my earlier body, moving just an hour for the regular time and only five minutes for a fast charge. Oh well, want I mention much more? Certainly among the best shavers of Panasonic, each guy would certainly need this for the early morning routine of his.

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